Rock on - great show

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Today I went for Rock on. Let me say from the start it was like a movie about ambitions. Why they particularly picked rock music I cant really say but it didnt have the same passion as School of Rock which is one of those really awesome movies. Jack Black really did a great show there. But as other Hindi movies go, Rock on was great. It was very refreshing. A huge change from conventional hindi movies we're so used to.

I read Raja Sen's review of Rock on, great stuff man The only sore point that i'd like to make about this movie is that it somehow seems to encourage a very "western" selfishness. It kind of smells like the amitious kids being told to do what they want without caring for anyone else. Now as far as a movie goes, I guess they can make a success out of any stupid risk they show there. But reality my friend is that you have to worry about everyone else. You have to compromise sometimes. Its not like compromising to give up your dreams but outright ignoring of what others feel is ridiculous.

I guess there is a strong point that life goes by if you let it go. So im off to plan on what dream i need to start working on.