Blogger turned writer

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Here's an interesting thing that happened last weekend in Bangalore. A blogger, mom and now writer has published her first book "34 Bubblegums and Candies". She released it in Bombay and released it in Bangalore last weekend at Crossword. I received a mail about this blog and then Crossword also sent a promotional email to me. Wow ... this author knows how to be heard.

Anyway, its great to hear that bloggers are moving to authoring "real" books. But somehow it seems odd that someone who became famous in the blogosphere should aspire to write a book. We have all grown up thinking of authors as someone who published a physical book. Maybe that definition needs to change. It certainly wont if bloggers start running away to publish their own books. But I guess this does show that blogging and writing are very closely knit indeed.

Today's bloggers grew up in a world of books and pages. I guess tomorrow's bloggers will grow up blogging away and connecting online. Wonder if Amazon Kindle can help in that.