3G or no 3G today - mobile phone worries

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Today  I was talking to Suchai who incedentally wants to buy a mobile phone. Now he's a great guy and all and loves them odd gadgets here and there but isnt a geek by any imagination. Still he has a huge list of what he wants in the phone. I guess he'd never really use many of those features but I guess its good to want to have something everyone's talking about.

So the first thing i suggested to him was ofcourse the iPhone, since its launched in India recently and all. He definitely didnt fall for that one. I guess the biggest doubt people have these days is whether or not to invest in a 3G phone. India is supposedly getting 3G services very soon. I guess it'll be there in about a year. So if you plan to change the phone in a year then go for a 2G one. Otherwise stick to 3G cause dude ... if 3G comes out Im sure you'll want to use it.

Suchai wanted a camera and other silly things on a phone. A nice way to decide what phone to buy is like this. You have to decide whether your phone will be a producer or consumer of information. If you primarily want to use the phone to consume information, then do go for something with a big screen, bigger memory, etc like the iPhone. If you want to be the producer of information (like maybe a business user - emails and stuff) then go for the smart phones with keyboards or blackberry or maybe the N series. This was something a friend of mine read on a blog recently when he was deciding between the iPhone and E61. E61 won ... what can i say.