Google launches Chrome

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Ok here's a but of good news. Google is launching its very own browser Chrome tomorrow. They've got the scoop on their official blog. This is really great. I bet Firefox is going be getting scared. Knowing Google, this product will be great. I first heard about this at work today. Didnt realize what Chrome was. Saw a blog about it today and wow !!!

Im betting this one's gonna have a load of innovations in it. One of the stupid things i hope to see now present on this browser is Google trying to promote its products using the browser. Come on guys ! Dont try a MS on the web. The thing everyone likes about Google is its open architecture and simplicity. Im sure Chrome has all of that. But there is this subtle sense of uneasiness we're getting about Google recently that its trying to control too much data all the time.

Well for now, i'd love a change in browsers. Sorry Firefox, but you gotta pick up this fight.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, down loaded Chrome today. Good for a start (beta), looks neat n cool, let me start using it... Nana