Finally had the salad dinner

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Now if you're in Mumbai and you happen to be a foodie then you gotta try the salad places. I had heard of Just Around the Corner from about 8 months back but had never been there. Its hidden away in a little place in Bandra. I think Bandra's becoming quite the place for hideaways. Anyway the other day me and Andy went for dinner there

They've got a tie up with coffee day. So coffee day is occupying some space and these guys rely on them to serve coffee. Now its all working well. And so as you enter the place you can smell Italian. They've got this long counter (please get rid of it), with trays that you move across and serve yourself. Something like american canteens or the stuff we saw on TV anyway.

The salad is great and so are the toppings, so go ahead and try them. You get two sizes, a quarter plate and a full plate. Its quite expensive so dont go there trying to impress your girl. Luckily me and Andy split a full plate of salad. Anyway the salad doesnt look as fresh as maybe a subway or even a Candies, but its good. The best part though is that the salad has variety that i havent really found anywhere else. Id recommend this place for a touristy visit, not your average hangout.

Oh on my way to this place i did read up a review from Not very helpful but ok.



Kartik said...

There's this pizza hut ki salad bar(in UAE, and unfortunately not in India) which rocks!
Check this out

Karthik Prasad said...

I think i have tried the pizza hut salad in Dubai. Super awesome. But i think the best salad i liked in Dubai was Fudrukker. Do try that if you're going there anytime ..