Street food in Mumbai

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There's something special about Mumbai's street food. Apart from the fact that it just tastes awesome. Its built for the fast life so to speak. I can just start off with a huge list pani puri, chaat, vada pav, pav bhaji, missal, etc. etc. I remember when i used to visit the old fast food joints that became popular in Bangalore. Of course for some reason we'd believe that they were "fast" foods. I am talking of course about KFC, Wimpeys, Nilgiris cafe, etc which are your average Indian American fast food joints.

For college kids, they were great. Burgers and fries that came cheap. But really the Mumbai fast food scene is completely different. They're prepared in seconds and consumed as fast. Being a general foodie, i was of course delighted to have to work in Mumbai and get to taste all of this. Marati food (thalipit, pitala, missal, etc) are great but my problem (and i think all south indians in general) is that the marathi food has a lot of masala spice. This is different from the chilly spice we're so used to in south india. You see, the chilly spice really gets you at the tongue and then dies out. The masala spice gets you at the stomach and leaves you with an uneasiness at the stomach. Something i just hate! This also includes all North indian curries.

Anyway coming back to the street food of Mumbai, if you wanna have some great chaat (at high prices) do try out the ELCO market in Bandra, Mumbai. Get to Hill Road in Bandra (straight from the station) and keep going up. Try out the pani puris there. Totally rocking. There are other great places to eat of course and the hardcores will say that the real taste is in the local shops. But if you want to risk it, you're most welcome. I havent yet... hence still writing and all.

About a year ago my boss (then boss) told me about the vada pav in mumbai. The thing i distinctly remember is that i just never could believe that people would eat after coming out of a train from the station. What we assume when someone just tells us about life in other places ... ok for those of you who are wondering, its true. People do eat vada pav after they come out of a train and its quite healthy (if you choose the spots properly).

So if you ever do decide to try out the street food, then Bandra's the place.