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For all you comic fans out there, here's some good news. Marvel comics has come out of the big, underground building (somewhere we dont know) and onto the internet. Yup ... they are interacting with the rest of the planet. I don't have anything against them personally but as a kid I loved Marvel comics but somehow they were never approachable, they didn't even have a face. Well today they have names and they're super cool. Ok fine so they aren't aliens ... damn .. but at least they are funny people. You have to give them that.

Anyway I'm following Marvel on twitter and its really cool. Here's the link. A lot of news and polls. Good stuff. When I was a kid I actually rented out comics (mostly Garfield) from a library and read it. No ... that wasnt ages ago .. but still it made me wonder what happened to comics that we loved so much. What are kids doing these days? They're on the internet, on social websites, on coding projects, on a whole lot of things that we're doing right now.

Its nice to see that comics have started to embrace the internet rather than shy away from it. Even Dilbert gives a free comic a day. But still it doesn't have quite the same feeling as sitting down with a comic book. The other great thing comics have done is going the gaming and movie route. Most comics today are trying to tie up with gaming labels and movie houses and release long drawn episodes. Take batman for instance ... remember we're waiting for what happens next as a sequel to the movie and not as a comic in the bookstore ... When you read a comic you would enter the world it created and then explore it with your own ideas and imagination. To some extent games are doing that these days. Letting you take the role of the character and define the way the story goes. Movies also let you live the story for a while. But still hardcore comic fans will insist that its nothing like reading a physical copy of the book.

I do wonder whether America defines what happens as technology forces us out of one medium into another. Are comic fans going to have to give up the thin, brightly coloured, glossy, crackling piece of pure fantasy for 2 hours of staring at the idiot box? Somehow are we becoming a very lazy bunch of people who like to be told what the story is like while we just sit and watch instead of letting the story take place in our world of imagination? I think its a wave. There will be the rise of comics as they take shape on the internet and on the televisions, but they'll find their way back to the good old "comic shelves". For now, Im going to check out how Marvel is planning to embrace the Internet.


P.S.: I voted for Mystique as the best female character and guess what she was number 1. Wohoo !


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Shrinath said...

I'm partial to Jean Gray.. Famke Jansses *sighs* :)

But seeing as Mystique can become any number of hot chicks.. :D

Udayan Dasgupta said...

any idea if there is a community of bloggers from iimL ??? I know iimA has one

Karthik Prasad said...

@shrinath dude it was supposed to be about the powers! not the looks.. on the other hand .. looks are powerful.. ok point taken.


Udayan Dasgupta said...

see a blog by sidin vadukut ... there's a blogpane listing all iimA bloggers by year ...

BP said...


Can you pl tell me where to find MAD comics on internet? mags have become too costly, now with today's $ exchange rate so high:(