Youtube brings us the recipes

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The other day i was planning on making breakfast. So the usual steps I follow goes something like this:
1. Call mom/aunt and get a few suggestions
2. Check fridge and kitchen
3. Call mom/aunt again and modify recipe
4. Go to the store and buy something to eat

The problem is, as we online guys say, the intent is not captured at the right moment. By the time we think of cooking and the actual cooking is to start, we've already lost all the urge to cook. So this time i tried to use the good friend YouTube. Its amazing now we dont even need to read the instructions anymore. I opened up a few videos and buffered them up so i dont need to pause when im watching it and there you have it. Chef's showing you how to make the best recipes right where you want it. So anyway i decided to try out the french toast and yeah it did come out ok.

Now the problem with youtube is that you'll end up watch a whole bunch of things before you decide to start cooking and that pretty much means you'll have a late breakfast. So the thing to do is first check your fridge and then go to youtube. I did find some really good videos on making smoothies. I think i'll try that someday. 

Now this post is not to say that you have to go to youtube only. There are a bunch of sites dedicated to cooking that show you videos. Just go there and start streaming. Youtube's a good place to start off with the basics. Im sure as you go along you'll have a bunch of favorite sites that you'll use. Of course there are blogs that do have videos too. So its pretty much a wide choice. Enjoy cooking.