Loads of configs make it crazy

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The last few days were a nutball filled crazy installation spree. I installed and configured Claroline, a little bit of Joomla, the Wiki and some other things. The main thing i guess is that Linux as an architecture will eventually develop some system to perform clean installs and un-installs. Of course this is a already happening, thanks to yum. But i dont know whether the uninstalls are as clean. I mean windows puts everything in that folder, which you can hack away if you want some space. Linux on the other hand uses like a dozen libraries that must be installed and they install themselves where they want and the whole thing turns out quite complicated.
We're almost done there actually. I was having a bit of trouble adding users to the Jabber server. Somebody has to develop a good script for that. It's quite a hassle. Anyway off to the room, have a class at 5.