Back to campus

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Ok, so I am now back on campus and Warcraft has started again. The subjects... well they are not. Nothing to complain about at all. I get up everyday for class that doesn't start till 11 am so all chill. This time around though I plan to get some reading done, so looks like warcraft will be taking a back seat.

Here's an interesting site I visited today, its called NextFest.
Conducted by GE and other sponsors, it has way too many cool things to display. Why oh why dont we have such events here. Guess that's one of the perks of living in NY. Oh by the way, this entry took me a while to blog, cause Opera is getting the boot with these sites. Looks like AJAX coders have a thing against testing. Talk about RAD taking its toll. Now im forced to use IE again, which I would have used anyway, but it refused to upgrade from IE 7 beta 2 to beta 3. Some errors, no idea what.


Anonymous said...

Warcraft taking a backseat???

I guess not! Not the way its happening these days.... :p