Wiki finally started

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Ok the Wiki is finally started on campus. It took me 3 installs of FC4 and then 2 of PCQ Linux 2006 before the machine finally agreed to have LAMP running.
Sometimes it looks like the simplest way to do anything is to let the OS worry about the disk space. The problem was that we were trying to partition the thing to make it efficient. As usual, we had to build the LAMP from source because:
1. I didnt know any other way of getting it running.
2. It worked like a breeze on the previous machine.
Anyway, after all that effort Synapse has finally launched the IIMLWiki, well we are about to launch it. There's nothing in it currently so we're planning to wait a while before we make it public. Lets see how the endeavor goes from there. KM indeed will be a thing to talk about here on campus.