Quantum Physics classes

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Aha.. this is a surprise. As it turns out, somebody at Berkley is good enough to let us have the same lectures that their students get, for a nominal fee. That nominal fee is what we pay to someone else to provide us with a fast net connection. Ok, here's the point... its free so go and download it. Its on Google Video. If you cant search for it there, you probably shouldn't be allowed access to it. Kidding... search for Quantum physics Berkeley on http://videos.google.com. So I started a lecture on that today and surprisingly, my Physics teacher at 12th standard was giving us some fundae on this. I guess the initial lectures are quite rudimentary. Otherwise, they'd be nuts to share it with us :) Ok, its 5 again so im off to sleep. Oh yeah the architecture i was talking about in the previous post is yum and it works like a breeze on Linux (Fedora Core 5). Except for getting through a proxy... it still has some problems there.

Ok, I went to the city today... to The Mint. Its a lounge and grill place, really swanky and cool. I haven't tried the cold coffee there yet, cause it hits the pocket if I do.

Aurevoir for now.