The Happening - a new twist movie

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The gang, well not the whole gang, just Katra, Suchai, Adi and me went for this new movie, The Happening. Well in my view the "idea" is new, but really the whole movie centered around such a simple idea felt weak. Also, i dont know of M. Night Shyamalan. I was surprised to find Mark Wahlberg taking up the central role. There were some surprises i noticed early on.

1. What is Night Shyamalan trying to do?
Is he trying to move away from the "though provoking" smart thrillers to the lame i-will-scare-you thrillers? Wonder if he is trying to follow the footsteps of Albert Hitchcock. Still, Albert Hitchcock had depth in his movies, something i dont see in Night Shyamalan's movies. There's no real thriller movies coming out of the same genre these days. Maybe Night is trying to be right there.

2. Why is Mark Wahlburg shifting to this genre so early?
I mean he's a great actor, there's no doubt about that. But there's just no one else who can do what he does and thats great innocent guy kicking ass! Why is he trying to play the role of a confused guy running around scared like nuts. I dont think this was his kinda movie.

Overall it is a refreshing change from the normal movies Hollywood gives you. Something nice to talk about with friends and think about.