The Dark Knight movie

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Well today me and Andy went for The Dark Knight. First day and all. Its a great movie. The same Batman but he's got some really cool gadgets. Totally rocking idea of how to find anyone on this planet. The movie actually looks like it was two small movies put together. At the intermission, you're left wondering if the movie is over or there's some action still coming up. Its quite good cause you see him kick ass twice. Well the sad part though is that they're trying to re-create the story of how all the villains came up. I mean we've seen that over and over again. Cant they put something new out this time.

Anyway, apart from that the gadgets are great as usual, and his metallic suit is also cool. Anyway this time its quite clear that they've chosen NY as Gotham city. I mean comeon people, cant you use some secret hideaways. Why does everyone have to shoot movies in the same spots ... Well its worth a watch. Im off to check some mobile wallpapers.