Went for De Taali

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Well what can i say, its a time-pass movie. I wouldnt rate it at 1 start out of five, but still, id say leave your thoughts at home. There were some funny moments here and there. Everyone seems to have a new twist to love and these guys well seem to think that everyone finds a partner. The second half was entertaining i must say. I was wondering if we should leave during the interval, but we decided to stay anyway.

These days the ticket prices are so high, you definitely dont want to leave mid way. If you do plan to check out this movie, it has some sense right at the end. I think most critics would have written off the movie by the time they reached this part and were already planning on how to word their stories. Too bad. Should have probably waited till the end of the movie. All said and done, i guess you'll like the movie if you really read between the lines.

There is some truth to each character's decisions. That came as a subtle but strong undertone. And its quite true, people do act crazy at times but they've got their reasons. Well its late and im off to bed, with some thoughts on my mind. Enjoy the movie.