Chocolate exhibition

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We went to BarJuman today. Its a really cool mall and was host to ChocoLatte. Its an exhibition celebrating chocolate and coffee. Wow. Now isnt that a treat. Firstly the mall itself is a treat to the eyes. The exhibition has all sorts of designs in chocolate, it has chess boards, cups, potraits and all that. Although they used only brown and white colours. I was hoping more colours would be used since chocolate's been around for so many years. Here's how the mall looks like. Some really neat artistic pieces (although they just sit there doing nothing). Still, its something to show visitors.

Here's the actual chocolate exhibition. Well there are more, but you gotta go there to see it.

Anyway we finished off with some great pastries from BreadTalk.

Just check out the quality of the snaps. I used the macro function for this one. Pretty neat isnt it.


Meera said...

mouth watering snaps! ;)
U shud try out the cheese cake from Break Talk. Its awesommmmmeee....
Lemme first go and grab a chocolate piece now... :)

Sushmita said...

All that is well and good but get to India or come to New York. I miss u.