Red Bull Air Race and Sharjah

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I first heard of Red Bull Air Race when Shashank showed it to me right after my summers. This time i actually had the chance to go see it !! It took place at Abu Dhabi, about 120 kms from Dubai. So we went there. But first, we stopped at Sharjah. It looks like this from my uncle's flat. A little like LEGO town if you ask me,
And this was the lunch.... yum !
Anyway, the drive to Abu Dhabi was really good. Long wide highway with lots of pit stops to eat. These guys know whats important in life :P Here's me again at the Corniche. The pylons behind me are part of the race. The planes are supposed to fly a predetermined path, between the red (vertically) and blue (horizontally) pylons. The one that clocks the least time wins.

The race was really nice, but it being hot and sunny tired me out completely. Wonder how those engines run at such high temperatures (ok i know how u dont have to laugh). So we left early, had lunch at an Indian restaurant (really nice). Then we headed back. Great stuff. Do catch it when it comes to a place close by.


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