In Mumbai

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Hi all,
Its been a while since i blogged. Mainly because i didnt care enough to let anyone know what the world was upto or me for that matter. Anyway I am in Mumbai now. its a great place with lots of eating joints and places to visit. Ok mainly the attraction is in the place itself. What have i been upto... well nothing much... Meeni aunty's place, gang meets (on the weekends), with venka mainly,, and thats that.

Started work at I used to look up at this site and wonder how cool it would be if i could work here and guess what, I am now. :) But things have changed since then, the site has lost a lot of its charm. But then again there's a whole load of opportunity and stuff waiting to be captured. So lets take that and kick some life into it.

Its been a month in Mumbai and yeah Ive taken a long time to settle (as usual). But now i think its time to start the music. I stared gymming yesterday. Lets see if i can keep up a good workout.