Student council resigns

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I have heard of the concept of walls talking.... and i think this was a case of the same. To see that that an entire batch talk about the corruptness of the student batch, and not do anything about it was bad enough. The thing that finally gave us some hope was that our prof Rocky, took the initative and with one blow indicated to the batch that we had to throw them out.
I think that would have been easier said than done. To me, politics is a very confusing subject. Terse in description and conundrous in manner. I have no idea how that animal works, but i would hazard to say that i have seen today at least the neck of the dragon that was till now only showing its head. How can a council so corrupt, brain-wash an entire batch of students who are not only educated, but also supposedly one of the best managers in the whole country. I'll tell you how. Its a nexus to begin with. People are far too jealous to support one man. This nexus works with a single minded objective, be it power or money (actually they probably fuel the same vices anyway). Then they go about planning their route into positions that give them this power.
I remember that there were oppositions in classes where 'good' guys were standing for elections. Apparently, this group not only stood for elections, but also made sure that friends got elected into all posts. So it gave them a virtual monopoly to work the wheels, so to speak. So then what happens. Can't the batch see through this. Apparently, a little booze party goes a long way to dull the head in these matters.
So they get elected and then what... they decide to hit the rest with budget cuts, lack of transparency, and the like. Why did the rest of us take this crap from them... because, remember the booze boys they pocketed earlier. Well they still have them. And this time they call the shots anyway, according to the rules. So what screws up a perfectly good plan like this... 1 prof. He looked at it, decided it doesnt work and in one sweep announced that we ought to oust the council.
I think the real reason for the council to have stepped down was not the threat of the prof, or the shame. I dont know how much we'd have had to fight to throw out a council that sits tight. The prof had other ropes to pull on. Then why include the batch ? Because, the batch is stupid. I heard a quote once that went on the lines that an individual is smart, but people in groups are stupid. This is something that really suprises me. Guess its true. So the batch had to act, hence their involvement.
So what's happening now. We are getting a new student council and revamping the consitution. I wonder whether this too is cyclic like most other things in life. Maybe its like the particle waves in quantum physics. Its momentary and cyclic, a moment occuring every now and then, only when we cannot say. Aurevoir for now.