Politics again

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Ok, so the last post gave a brief on what kinda politics is taking place in L. But, the fact is that it doesnt stop there. Apparently everyone has perfected the fine aspects of law-talk. Its when you harp repeatedly on some small technicality and postpone everything / stall it till you can get an advantage. Ok, so who did this, i will not go into, but lets just say that there was an all-committee meeting held to discuss issues about some mail that was sent by one of the committees abusing the rest. For some reason a mail had to be sent to the batch telling them that we are meeting like this, and two non-committee guys actually turned up. I was wondering, if this guy had so much time on his hands, he can actually join a committee and put it to some use. The point was that every issue was debated over and over with fine points being argued upon till it was kept to be decided later. Ok well almost every issue.

But, for the record, some good decisions were taken. One of which was to increase the usage of Blondie (that's our internal portal, maintained by my committee). So it now acts as a forum to settle disputes by taking the batch opinion. The little rat, or so i have begun to address my neighbour, has found a way to hack the poll on Blondie (runs on Joomla, guys beware) and he actually stalled a decision by rigging the poll. I'm waiting for his computer to catch a virus :D Or maybe i can intervene before that and kick someone. Anyway all said and done, we were able to move the matter forward.

We are proposing a batch meet in a day or two, to settle the issues. Someone has to take initiative, hehe... so he can be stopped by the rest. I think my style of writing has gone a bit awry... time to read again.

Aurevoir for now.