The Manali trip

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I guess this was one of the fastest trip I have ever planned. It took me (ok and Venka) a night-out. Sometimes i think at L we get so used to relying on nightouts that they begin to conquer everything. Days of planning ahead had resulted in a Darjeeling plan. That changed to a Manali-Leh (possibly Srinagar) in that night-out. The web as always being our guide and alternates our backup plan.
So we set off to via Chandigarh to reach this beautiful place called Manali. It makes me wonder, the reason why India doesn't have any man-made attractions is just because of places like this. Simply breathtaking. But that wasn't where it ended. The passes on-route to Leh, the base camps, the snow covered mountains, the lack of people, the changing scenery, all that just makes one proud of this place. Ok im getting senti here, but what the heck... Ok, many thanks to Julka and gang for hosting us for 2 days and for the awesome food. Oh yeah, a special mention to Lonely Planet and their editorial team, thanks a ton guys. U rock ! My advice, take this book or check their website when planning a trip to any place.
Here are some snaps from the trip... it has to be seen !

Manali set -

Go check out the rest at Flickr :)