Thanks Rediff for the appliances

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Ok something unexpected happened today. We got a Refrigerator and a Washing machine from the company. well it isn't normally unexpected. I mean when you're at a company accomodation you do expect that the company will provide the "amenities" that come with it. well to put a long story short we did finally get the appliances today. Actually it was a well thought out strategy exectued well by one of the new roomies (name withheld for no reason).

The thing about washing machines and fridges are this. If you're in a veggie household, dont go in for a fridge with a huge freezer. I mean firstly you've got the extra loads of electrons the thing starts sucking in (aka big electricity bill) and secondly that space is never used.

Washing machines are pretty cool and they do a better job if you configure it right. I had that experice back at IIM L. We had 4 washing machines within the H 11, 12 complex (hostel complex). Everyone just dumped the clothes in and took them out after a "regular" wash. But these things are capable of far more. Its like hiring a French chef and telling him to make maggie all day. I mean comeon !! Read the manual!! Ok, so im off to do that and start using these appliances. Oh yeah, Rediff does take great care of its boys, you gotta just make yourself heard high up :)



Krishna Reddy said...

Yeah, just gotta get heard higher up!
Pretty simple!!