Sending empty messages

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Official Gmail Blog: Tip: Sending empty messages

Here's a cool feature that Gmail has introduced. When you want to send empty messages, you just put a EOM at the end of a subject line. At work, i come across so many situation where you have to choose between features that conflict with each other. For example, when you try to send a message without any text in it, Gmail prompts for confirmation. That is a cool feature because a lot of people tab-enter or click send by mistake. So surely you cant remove this feature. Now how about people how want to send the message in the subject line itself. I've seen myself do this a lot lately.

These two features seem to contradict. I think if you analyse the two types of users, the second type are more advanced users of mail. So logically they'd be willing and able to do a slightly more complex task. So resolve their problem by adding an EOM at the end. Not the most simple solution but it works. I'd ideally want Gmail to guess and resolve both situations, but hey ... even people cant do that sometimes. So its better to have a slightly complex solution that works all the time than to have a simple solution that works only sometimes.

I wonder though, why Gmail wants to prompt if the text is empty at all. They have a nice undo feature. In my opinion, Gmail should just remove the stupid prompt and send "empty" messages 5 - 10 secs later with an undo option. So if you clicked send by mistake, you'd see a count down for 10 secs with an undo option at the top of your inbox (the same way we see an undo option in Gmail). You just click undo before the countdown ends and no mail is sent. If you wanted to send an empty mail anyway, you just ignore the countdown and in 10 secs the mail has been sent.