iPod Nano chromatic update

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I had this lucky chance the other day to actually test out and play around with an Apple iPod Nano chromatic. Here's what was not covered in my previous post:

1. Some really awesome games
iPod has these really cool games that use the accelerometer. One of them is Maze. You have to work your way around a maze by tilting the iPod as you move along. Really fun to play (even if you have WC installed on a laptop with 64-bit AGP). You can pick up more from the iStore. Something to do instead of figiting away on the mobile when you're waiting for 45 secs at the bus stop. Here's a pic on Apple's site that shows the game.

2. Do not disconnect when transferring
Here's something that has to be told. Do not disconnect the iPod when transferring music. It freezes up (err .. like the Microsoft blue screen) and sits there. There's a way to reset it though but you have to use a complex key sequence. So next time you plan on transferring songs, be careful.

Good buy? Still yes !