Getting a visa to USA

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This was my first visit to US. So obviously very excited about it. Since its a business trip, there wasn't much worry in my mind about getting the visa. The pebble of worry though was whether i'll get a 10 year multiple entry visa or will be shoved away with a 3 month one. The thing about visas is that if you really have no intention of staying there, then i guess they're happy to let you come and go.

For a business visa, the main forms to fill are DS-156 and DS-157. There are very detailed instructions on how to fill it, what to fill, what to do if you have difficulty and so on. Something i noticed when i was at US too (hint: i did get the visa :)). Oh the vfs site doesn't work on mozilla, something that i got to know after i called up their help site.

The scene at the visa consulate is one of confusion. There are lots of people (always) waiting in line for a lot of reasons. There's a sense of oneupmanship i think where everyone's trying to show the other that he can get a visa. I don't know how that translates to a sense of pride (its just a visa guys). Well anyway, everything is so well organized, all you have to do is follow directions.

So the main thing about the visa is the interview. Just be straight and you don't really need to have all the documents at the tip of your finger so you can show it immediately. Just keep it there and show it if it is asked for. They're polite, so be polite and chill.


Sushmita said...

SO did u get the 10 yr visa or 3 month one time?

Karthik Prasad said...

Yeah i did :)