Synapse treat

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So we finally went to our long pending Synapse treat the other day. It was a lot of fun ! The facchas did try to squeeze out a Taj treat, but thankfully we managed to have the venue settled at Park Inn. Park Inn is a great place really, food is ok. The thing about treats is that once the gang settles in, it really doesnt matter how the food is. You enjoy all the same. We had good fun there and then headed on to Nirula's. The fact that Nirula's has the best ice-cream in this town makes it all the more reason to go there and splurge. I had my fav (single sundae with Jamaican Almond Fudge ice-cream) in a waffle cone. I love these waffle cones, wonder who made them. If you havent seen a waffle cone, it comes like this.

Its really awesome, so do try it. At Nirula's you can get one for about 100. That's not too bad. Anyway as in all Synapse meets, the talk did go a little techie. I think Synapse is going a long way, the guys have done quite a bit and are kicking butt. Good job people. Synapse rocks ! Although, we probably need to make it a lot clearer to the rest of the batch.