Confluence team treats the gang

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Ok finally the team that won the IIMA Mousetrap (includes me) treated the gang. We missed Pranshu though. The poor guy was busy in controls. Anyway i got to know about the treat late afternoon and in usual L style, we decided on the venue on our way to the city. It makes me wonder how everytime we plan to do something, its only right before the deadline that anything concrete gets planned. Dinner was at Moti Mahal and dessert was at Nirulas.
Anyone who has ever been to north India must eat ice-cream at Nirula's. The place simply rocks ! Do try the triple sundae with chocolate ice cream. Its awesome. And the initial regret of straining my ankle was quickly out-weighted by the awesome food. We got there 5 mins before closing time, or even later and the guys were nice enough to serve us. They'd be nuts to refuse 17 guys (and a girl) hungry for ice cream. But all in all nothing really ends until a game is played. And we did that as usual 3 on 3. Nice game I must say.